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Our team brings unparalleled depth of understanding to digital technology, making your publication distinctly engaging.  
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From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube – firms and individuals are embracing social media platforms at an ever-increasing pace. We address the many issues surrounding this new phenomenon and provide a roadmap to help businesses navigate social media to gain a competitive edge.

  As businesses realize the   importance of having an online   presence, your industry becomes   more competitive. If you want to   get found in the mist of 1 billion   daily searches conducted online,   you need website marketing   professionals to help your   business   succeed.    There are over 878 million mobile   users worldwide and mobile web   usage is expected to surpass the   desktop by 2014, that means   reaching out to consumers on   their mobiles should play a mojor   role in dgital media planning.

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If you are looking for a way to increase your website's search engine visibility and to generate more targeted traffic to your website, you've come to the right place.

At Markens, we know that mobile is much more than a device. It’s a way of building connected brands that are visible, useful, usable, desirable and engaged. And to make mobile connections successfully, we embrace the shift to real-time marketing and deliver valuable content that’s attuned to consumers’ current contexts, behaviors and conversations.


The design of the interface was consulted with potential target buyers from the early stages of the project and was modified based on their experience and opinion. We took this approach because the implementing of changes during design process is much less expensive then during production or after its finish. The use of so called user-centered design allows creating business friendly experience and better serve meeting customer demands.

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